Post Lights, considered by many to be a modern development in lighting, actually go back several centuries.
By 1738, the cobbled streets of London, England were brightened by more than 15,000 lights.
For the rest of the century, this international center of commerce was regaled as the most well-lighted city in the world.

While providing light of the 18th century London, the post lamps weren’t known for convenience.
A watchman had to fill the font of each light with oil, lay a wick in it and then light it.
The watchman would return before dawn to snuff the light, trim the wick and clean the globe. Don’t forget – there were 15,000 of them!

Benjamin Franklin, always the statesman-inventor, was so impressed with the concept of London’s street lighting
that he installed similar globe lighting in Philadelphia in 1751.

The center of Colonial government, Philadelphia enjoyed the first street lighting system in America.
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